Is A Blocked Nose Giving You Nightmares?


A good night’s sleep is a dream come true and a bad night can turn life into a nightmare. A blocked nose during the day is annoying, but when it disrupts your sleep it has a whole bunch of nasty knock on effects.

Sleep is crucial to our physical, emotional and mental well being. When we don’t get enough it can affect moods, energy levels, concentration, memory and even our immune system.

A blocked nose is an excellent sleep-disruptor. When we sleep, our body settles into a series of routines. Breathing is one of them. When our breathing is interrupted or irregular, we can’t achieve the relaxation needed for a good night’s rest. This may result in frequent awakenings and difficulty in falling asleep. If you’re restless or snoring, you may not be the only one missing out on some quality shut eye.

Unblocking the blockade

If you have a stuffy nose, there are things to try before bedtime which may improve the chances of a good night’s rest.

2) Say “yes” to fresh air

The great weather isn’t the only reason to get outdoors. By spending more time outside, you’ll get fresh air and vitamin D from the sunshine*. Good ventilation* lessens the likelihood of getting sick too, so do plan lots of playtime in the garden during the warmer season. Just make sure you remember sunscreen and sun hats.

3) Help them eat well

Now is the perfect time for your little one to enjoy an array of fresh fruits and vegetables. If they’re slightly fussy, why not make a delicious juice or smoothie? This is a great way to sneak a few more vegetables in. Whilst your child might be taking a daily multivitamin, they should still be getting enough nutrients from the foods that they eat*.

4) Good daily nasal hygiene is key

iliadin® Saline Nose Drops are suitable for daily use so that every member of the family can enjoy better nasal hygiene. It also helps moisturise the nasal passages.

5) Ask your pharmacist about iliadin®

When your kids are affected by a seasonal blocked nose, switch to iliadin® Kids Nose Drops and iliadin® Kids Metered Nose Spray. If you’re the one who’s sick with a blocked nose, iliadin® Metered Nose Spray works fast2 and lasts up to 12 hours2 .

From infant to adult, iliadin® has a product for every member of the family so no one has to miss out on the summer fun. For more on the full range, visit your nearest pharmacy now.




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