Moisturise the nasal passages with the help of iliadin® Saline Nose Drops


iliadin® Saline Nose Drops is suitable for infants and children and is used to rinse the nose. The use of an aspirator helps to extract the excess mucus from your baby’s nose, allowing your baby to breathe and feed better.

To clear your little one’s nose using an aspirator you need to:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly

2. Lay your baby on their back and tilt their head slightly back, gently place 1 to 3 drops of saline solution into each nostril

3. Wait a few moments before using the aspirator

4. Be careful and keep the aspirator away from the baby’s face, squeeze and hold the bulb to remove the air

5. Carefully insert the small tip of the aspirator into your baby’s nostril (no more than ½ cm - 1 cm) at an angle, pointing the tip towards the outer side of the nostril

6. Slowly release the bulb of the aspirator. This will create a suction that will remove the mucus from the nostril and into the bulb

7. Carefully pull the aspirator away from the baby’s nostril, and squeeze the bulb syringe into a tissue to remove the mucus out of the bulb

*Repeat steps 2 to 7 with the other nostril. It may be necessary to use the aspirator a few times more to remove most of the mucus. Gently wipe around the baby’s nose with a soft tissue if needed

8. Wash the aspirator in warm soapy water after each use and rinse well. Allow to air dry thoroughly. Meanwhile, wash your hands thoroughly

Additional tips to help your baby on its way to recovery are:

- Use a humidifier in your baby’s room

- Make sure your baby is hydrated

- An elevated sleeping position, so the congestion will have little effect on their sleep

*NOTE - Do not suction your baby’s nose more than a few times (2 - 3 times) per day, as this may irritate the lining of your baby’s nose.





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