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How to clear your child's nose using a nose spray


Children are the biggest explorers in the world, running, playing, learning, and sleeping is the daily routine. A blocked nose can slow them down, this is why iliadin® Kids Nose Spray is so important in giving them quick relief to breathe.

Help your child breathe freely by administering iliadin® Kids Nose Spray correctly. This will maximise the effect of the solution. Unblock their nose with these steps below:

1. Clear your child's nose with tissue by simply helping them to blow their nose into the tissue. Double check they do it correctly

2. Wash your hands thoroughly after

NOTE: The nose spray may need to be primed. So, give it a quick squirt until the solution is a fine mist

3. Make sure your child is sitting up straight with a slight tilt of the head forward

4. Insert the tip of the spray at an angle into the nostril facing outward

5. Spray 2 - 3 times into the nostril

NOTE: after spraying, ask your child to press on the opposite nostril and sniff gently. We recommend you demonstrate because if they sniff too hard the solution could go into their throat

6. Repeat steps 4 - 5 for the other nostril

7. Finally, wipe the tip of the spray clear with a tissue and replace the cap

NOTE: 2-3 sprays into each nostril, two to three times a day, for children up to age 6. iliadin® Kids Nose Spray should not be used for a period longer than five days.

None of the information above should replace the advice of your healthcare provider. Dosage and directions on the product leaflet should be followed.



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