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Clear your baby's nose with nasal decongestant drops


A blocked nose could be a nightmare for parents, but it’s an even bigger problem for babies. Your little baba’s nose is small and can get blocked easily making them irritable when they need to feed or sleep. Using iliadin® Baby Nose Drops helps relieve your baby’s blocked nose.

Making sure you administer it correctly means they get the most out of iliadin® Baby Nose Drops. Doing it correctly will also decrease the chances of the solution running down the back of the throat and increase its exposure to the affected area. Here is how:

1. Clear your baby's nose with a tissue

2. Wash your hands thoroughly after

3. Before you instil nose drops into baby's nose, make sure to tilt their head back slightly

4. Take iliadin® Baby Nose Drops, slightly insert the nozzle into the baby's nostril, gently squeeze the dropper and administer 1 - 2 drops of the solution into the nostril. Repeat for the other nostril

5. For the best results, make sure your child holds the tilted position for a little longer, so the solution stays in the nostril and gets to work

NOTE: 1 - 2 drops into each nostril, two to three times a day, for babies between 1 month and 1 year old. iliadin® Baby Nose Drops should not be used for a period longer than five days6.

Following these steps will help, but if symptoms worsen consult your Doctor or healthcare provider.

None of the information contained herein should ever replace the advice of your healthcare provider.



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