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Love your nose daily


Whether you are a jet setter or family manager, or you enjoy an active lifestyle that takes you outdoors, being able to breathe easily and freely is essential to keep you going. But the elements in nature and your surroundings can irritate your nose, just when you need it the most. Show it some love with iliadin® Saline Metered Nose Spray.

iliadin® Saline Metered Nose Spray uses a saline solution that is kind on your nose throughout the day. It supports the nose to stay healthy by cleansing and moisturising the nasal mucosa. With a moisturised nose, you’ll enjoy easier breathing that will support you in living your life as you like.

Daily care for every day

A saline solution is a mixture of salt and water. This makes iliadin® Saline Metered Nose Spray a good remedy for\ moisturising the nasal passages.

Easier breathing for everyone

iliadin® Saline Metered Nose Spray and iliadin® Saline Nose Drops can be used daily. They are ideal for everyone, at all ages – young and old alike. They are helpful for moisturising the nose before applying medicated nose spray to support better effectiveness. iliadin® Saline can be used as often as is needed to help with nasal dryness.

When it comes to our everyday body care, we often forget about the health of our nose and how important it is for our overall feeling of well-being. So, pay it some more attention today and treat it well. In return, you’ll enjoy easier breathing.


Salt is an ingredient that in general can be good for your body. It serves as a natural antihistamine and helps to improve the quality of sleep thanks to its anti-stress properties.

Source: Empowered Sustenance


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