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You’ve heard it before, the age-old quip that a woman can be sick but still go to work, take care of the kids, manage her investment portfolio and work on her novel in the evenings. Yet when a blocked nose takes hold of a man, he’s out for the count! Are men the weaker sex? Or is there another explanation?

Studies shows women have a stronger immune system than men1.


It would seem that men have science on their side. According to a Canadian study, women’s immune systems are stronger. Women possess a particular enzyme that slows the inflammatory process and can help defend against bacteria and viruses.


Does it mean you have to give in to his every wish during his case of ''Man-Down''? That’s a question no study can answer. What we can tell you is that the man in your life may suffer longer, harder and better than any woman ever could.


Our advice? Be prepared. Chances are your ''Man-Down'' sufferer will need more love and support than ever. And if this is the first case of 'Man-Down' you face as a couple, it could be a true test for your relationship.

Man-Down and your relationship to the man who’s suffering


If you’re dealing with the first case of 'Man-Down' since you’ve been together with your boyfriend or husband, it’s important to keep these three things in mind.




1) You shouldn’t take it personally


To your usual “Good morning, dear! ”, he may respond with a groan. When you open the curtains to let the sunlight in, he may recoil like a vampire. When you open the window to let fresh air in, he may scream, “Whyyyyyyy!?”. If this happens, don’t take it personally. It’s the 'Man-Down' talking, not the man.


2) He’s still the same man you fell in love with


'Man-Down' is a challenge for any relationship, whether you’ve been together for a few weeks or many years. But if you’re able to make it through, it could make your relationship stronger than ever. Just remind yourself that his suffering is real, even if it’s wrapped in drama!



3) It will soon be over


When 'Man-Down' strikes, the suffering may seem endless, but in reality it’s not. In the meantime, try to maintain composure or think of dancing unicorns, rainbows and other happy thoughts to get you through it.


The next time you see your man acting like a big baby because of a little sneeze, know that it’s not all his fault. For the sake of your relationship, you can try giving him the benefit of the doubt. Fluff his pillows once in a while, cover his feet with a blanket, give him an endless supply of tissues and blow on his very hot cup of tea. Just don’t let him push his luck. And for goodness sake, don’t give him a bell to ring every time he “needs” you.

1Research conducted on female and male mice using a human gene.





Men and women really do suffer from a cold differently. According to a US study, the female hormone oestrogen gives women a stronger immune system, enabling them to be more resistant to sickness compared to testosterone-driven men.




Symptoms of Man-Down are the very same as those for a cold.
We’ve all been there when it’s a struggle just to breathe or lift our heads off the pillow.
They walk among us. Every-day survivors who fought Man-Down and won.