How to spot a case of Man-Down






Are his symptoms getting you down, and they feel as if they could spell the end of the world? If this sounds like your husband or boyfriend when he is feeling under the weather, then it is most surely a case of dreaded ''Man-Down''*.

Symptoms of ''Man-Down'' can be spotted by a blocked nose or a runny nose, sneezing, an overall feeling of discomfort, and the list goes on. However, these symptoms seem to be much worse, and they only strike on human males – slowing them down and making them bring disorder to the home. When ''Man-Down'' strikes, everyone suffers.


Three clear signs that your husband or boyfriend has ''Man-Down'':

1) He’s the opposite of active

He needs plenty of time off from work. And, of course, he cannot lift a finger in the house. Chores such as cleaning up, doing the laundry and mowing the lawn are taboo during this time and perhaps even a few weeks beyond. After all, he wouldn’t like to get sick again so quickly after recovery.


2) He’s checked in at “Sofa hotel”


Because he cannot go to work, he needs to be the centre of attention at home and expects VIP service. The sofa in the living room is his domain during the time of his ''Man-Down''. Naturally, he has a good view of the television so that he does not need to strain himself. To take his mind off of his discomfort, the TV is on 24 hours a day, every day, and showing his sports show or bromance films – a genre popular among men suffering from ''Man-Down''.

3) He’ll need you to push his buttons

Because your man feels that he is not able to move, he needs his wife or girlfriend to take care of everything for him. If he is single, his mum is left to care for him. Tasks include fluffing up his pillow, a steady supply of clean tissue, delicious homemade soup and lots of tender loving care. She may even have to change the TV channel for him – pushing the buttons on the remote will be way too strenuous.






Men and women really do suffer from a cold differently. According to a US study, the female hormone oestrogen gives women a stronger immune system, enabling them to be more resistant to sickness compared to testosterone-driven men.


We’ve all got our favourite foods that ease the pain when we’re “Man-Down”.
You’ve heard it before, the age-old quip that a woman can be sick but still go to work.
They walk among us. Every-day survivors who fought Man-Down and won.

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